Freelancing in a Cross-Generational World – Tips from the Inside: Meeting Recap

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Sherry LowrySherry Lowry, a long-time entrepreneur, has developed seven businesses in seven industries ranging in size from a solo/freelancer supported one up to an entity of 20,000 clients across N.America. She works primarily with founders and owners of other small-to-medium-sized businesses around their own “what next” questions, hopes, and keen desires. All her credibility resides in their results, and commitment is to the long-term value their engagements produce. The fact they and their staffs span all five generations currently active in the marketplaces and within our workforces, sparked her original, generational research that she shared a bit of.

Sherry told us that we may need to communicate differently with the people with which we interact depending on the generation they are in.

To learn more about Sherry’s research, contact her at:
Sherry Lowry, MCC
The Lowry Group + Bridging Futures – Austin Texas USA


Sherry’s presentation slides and notes

The meeting was held at:

Mangia Pizza, 8012 Mesa Drive
Austin, TX  78731

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