Graphic Design Opportunity – logos and branding needed

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March Meeting Recap: Successful Sales Strategies for Freelancers

Myrna King has more than 25 years of experience selling services in finance, computer technology, and marketing. Myrna is a business and personal coach and co-founder of Austin Coaching Coalition and the Small Business Festival. She loves providing results to happy clients and discovering new ways to win together. As co-organizer of a local TEDx women’s conference, Myrna appreciates the…

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How Often Do You Replace Your Freelance Business Computer?

I’d originally planned to blog about Macs vs PCs because I knew there would be some pithy things to say about this heated debate topic. Our house is divided, for what it’s worth. So I asked a few friends about their preference (ok fine, I posted on a Facebook group for local freelancers) and used a funny cat meme –…

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The Freelance Parent Life

I really should have titled this article, “Can you have your cake and eat it too?” But I have questions about this cake. Are the kids awake? …. meaning, do I have to “share”? Can I eat it for breakfast? … instead of my 5 year old’s leftover jelly toast? Do we have enough milk? … or do I need…

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August Meeting Recap: How to Tell Your Unique Story to Attract Clients and Make More Money

The room was packed. Everyone was waiting to hear how they could tell a better brand story. And Judy Tsuei knows a thing or two about this. After all, she’s worked with global brands like Toyota and Neutrogena, indie brands, and even celebrities. She’s also been an editorial director, a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, and a frequent guest on notable…

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