February Meeting Recap: What Does it Take to Get Paid?

Jeannie Ralston has gone from earning $7,000 for an article to $0. So what does she know about what it takes to get paid? Plenty, actually. Ralston has had her work published as a freelance journalist, a book author and now an online magazine editor. During all that time, she’s dealt with people who love to pay and people who…

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Freelance Technical Writer

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January Meeting Recap: A Reinvention Day with Ann Fry

Ann Fry’s young son, Gabe, had seen his mother cry after a hard day at work. But when he took her hand and said, “Mom, are you going to cry every day?” she knew something had to change. She resigned from the job causing her such stress the next day. That was 20 years ago. Since then, Fry has been…

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July Meeting Recap: Dive Deep Into Virtual Public Library

If the virtual Austin Public Library isn’t already your best friend, it soon will be. Blair Parsons and Maggie Bond, reference librarians with APL, dove deep into the library’s digital resources at July’s Freelance Austin meeting in our new digs, Vessel Coworking. (More on Vessel below.) Full-text Articles How many times have you searched online for a published article, only…

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Making Data Analytics Work for Freelancers: June Meeting Recap

“Do you want more clients? Do you want to keep good clients coming back?” Nearly early every head in the room nodded (rather vigorously) in response to Jed Jones, co-founder and chief data scientist at MindEcology. The key to achieving these goals, he said, is using metrics to match your needs as a freelancer to those of your clients. And…

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Mari Ramirez’s 5 Most Forgotten Tax Tips for Freelancers: March Meeting Recap

Tax day is April 18 this year. Even if you’ve already filed, CPA Mari Ramirez undoubtedly shared something you didn’t know at the March Freelance Austin meeting, including these five frequently forgotten items on our personal and/or business returns. #1. “You ain’t giving away right!” When you drop off a trunk load at Goodwill, The Caring Place or another charity,…

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