August Meeting Recap: How to Tell Your Unique Story to Attract Clients and Make More Money

The room was packed. Everyone was waiting to hear how they could tell a better brand story.freelance austin tell your story

And Judy Tsuei knows a thing or two about this. After all, she’s worked with global brands like Toyota and Neutrogena, indie brands, and even celebrities. She’s also been an editorial director, a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, and a frequent guest on notable podcasts.

However, her impressive resume – the facts – only tells part of Judy’s story.

The other part – the feels – is much more compelling.

Judy spoke of a rigid upbringing, world travels, mental health struggles, a wild love story, and spirituality. With each thread in the story, listeners were drawn into the heart behind her brand.

And Judy said that’s exactly what potential customers are looking for.

Maybe they identify with a business coach who plays Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video as a presentation ice-breaker (so fun, Judy!). Or maybe they also prefer Batman over Superman.

Whatever your story or niche, when you tell it in a real and authentic way, potential customers who identify with you will become the “one thousand raving fans” you need to grow your business.

Afraid to get out from behind your computer screen to tell your story? Judy said you’re leaving money on the table. In fact, your ideal customers are actively NOT doing business with you.

Top three signs you’re not doing story right – because your brain loves lists

  1. You’re not getting any engagement on social media when you post
  2. You’re not getting referrals for your business because people don’t know what to say about you
  3. You’re wasting A LOT of money on Facebook ads and marketing that aren’t converting into actual revenue

If these sound familiar, Judy said it’s because your potential customers either don’t believe your story, they don’t identify themselves in your story, or they don’t relate to what you’re saying.

Follow your gut

So how do you know what’s ok to share and what’s TMI? How do you find your storytelling niche?

Judy said she’s a big believer in personal intuition and following your gut.

“I’m a bit woo,” she laughed. “I journal to my intuition. I write things down from my inner voice and put quote marks to it.”

Two quickie exercises to help you gain more clarity

  1. Meditate on two of your favorite books of all time. Think about the hero or heroine, and think about their journey. Does that resonate with you?
  2. What’s the story you’ve been afraid to share? Get specific.

Some final thoughts on telling your story

The story you tell yourself creates your life.

The story you tell the world creates your business.

The story you tell your children creates their world.



You can find Judy on or on her Facebook group.

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  1. I believe you should write based on what you think and what you really feel about something. Don’t be too safe in telling your thoughts because readers would eventually know you are not sincere with what you are saying. Just express yourself naturally.

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