Next Meeting: July 8
Topic: Profit First: Transform your biz from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine

Join Freelance Austin virtually on Wednesday, July 8 from 12pm-1:30pm as we talk about how to transform your business into a money-making machine. We will send you an email with the link to join us via Zoom when you register.

Conventional accounting uses the logical formula: Sales – Expenses = Profit. The problem is, businesses are run by humans, and humans aren’t always logical. Serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz has developed a behavioral approach to accounting to flip the formula. He is the author of Profit First, a book that has revolutionized more than 400,000 small businesses globally. In this presentation, we will show you how you can put profit first in your business, start paying yourself a great salary, and still set aside money for taxes and operating expenses.

About the speaker:

Catherine Jewell is a WCA member and 23-year entrepreneur who enthusiastically embraced this system last year with outstanding results. Plus, we’ll have a certified Profit First Accounting Professional (TBA) to answer all your questions. With dozens of case studies and practical, step-by-step advice, Profit First is a game-changing roadmap for any entrepreneur to make the money you have always dreamed of.

When: Wed July 8, 2020, 12pm- 1:00pm CDT
Location: Virtual – You will receive an email with the link to join after registration 

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